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As communities across the world work to contain the COVID-19 virus, small businesses are in upheaval. Retailers, restaurants, service providers, sole-proprietors, and everyone in between are focused on preserving business and communicating updates with customers during the crisis. The result? Changing government protocols, massive amounts of company emails flooding our inboxes, and a constant social…

Changes to the famous Facebook algorithm are in process. I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Mark Zuckerburg made a major announcement earlier this week. While we should expect a big adjustment to what we see, it seems the biggest change will be in the News Feed. Expect more posts from our friends and family….

We all have to make choices about how we spend our time. As business owners, we spend much of our time on the most immediate and pressing problems. Meeting client needs, filling orders, putting out fires, bookkeeping. The daily task list is often longer than the hours in our day. Social media upkeep is easy…

Learn the three secrets to a successful social media campaign for a small business.

How do your customers use social media??Are your customers Early Adopters? In the Majority or maybe even Laggards? I was introduced to Rogers’ Bell Curve many years ago in Marketing 101 class. The original model was introduced in 1957 as The Diffusion Process.* It was designed to explain how farmers adopted new hybrid corn seeds….